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Many small businesses don’t think that they can offer group benefits.  The fact is groups can be as small as 3 employees.

WellWorks is a full-service, digitally-based agency representing national benefit carriers hand-selected for their flexibility with small businesses. We partner with three platforms (with access to numerous others) to find a custom fit for your company.

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve established a client base ranging from finance/marketing firms to fitness centers and restaurants to emerging new brands and labels with a single goal in mind: To provide benefits to small businesses. Even if it costs them nothing.

With the ACA and Health Care Reform, we knew the time would quickly come where everyone, everywhere would need health insurance solutions. And the last thing they’d want to do is try and read instructions on healthcare.gov… (Sorry Barack)

Years later, we’re serving our small business clients by providing simple benefit solutions — even when it costs their companies nothing.

Because why should benefits only be accessible to employees at the 45% of companies that offer something? Given that the vast majority of people obtain insurance through work? I mean, if it’s possible to offer benefits for as little as zero cost, why aren’t all companies doing it? I thought this was America, Jack! 

The truth is, many companies just don’t know it’s possible. Now with web solutions on our side, not only is it possible, it’s easy. And it’ll even save your company some money!

Who is WellWorks?


District Sales Coordinator

Betsy is an insurance sales veteran specializing in the small group commercial benefits market. Originally from Weston, MO, she attended school at the University of Missouri and has lived and worked in Los Angeles for 13 years. Prior to WellWorks, she led marketing and enrollment support for several local insurance agencies. She has a wealth of experience working with medical and ancillary benefits on multiple web-based platforms.


Regional Sales Coordinator

Russell is an experienced operations manager with over 20 years of business leadership experience. Originally from Seattle, he has obtained degrees from Pepperdine University and the University of Southern California. He holds an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing. Russell previously worked for The RAND Corporation and The J. Paul Getty Trust and holds an active clearance for The Department of Defense.


Special Project Coordinator

Mary specializes in the small group commercial benefits market. A California native she attended school at California State University of Northridge. Prior to WellWorks, she had a 15-year career in the Entertainment Industry. She has a wealth of experience working with medical and ancillary benefits on multiple web-based platforms.

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