Curious How We Can Save You Money?

If you offer a Gold or Platinum plan to your employees, it’s clear that you care about your employees and don’t want them to be stuck with high out-of-pocket costs when seeking medical care.

But those premiums for Gold and Platinum keep rising, don’t they? Many of our clients are finding these rates almost unaffordable to maintain. But a Silver plan with a $2,000 deductible might just be too much risk to give to your employees.

What if you were able to replace, say, $1,000 of deductible with a supplement?

WellWorks specializes in combining higher deductible plans with supplemental insurance.  Typically, you’ll save anywhere from 5-12%. And in practical use, the coverage is comparable!

More importantly, we’ll guide your employee each step of the way to file claims and keep those dreaded out-of-pocket charges to a minimum.

See the infographic below for details.

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