First Time Offering Benefits?

Here are the main things to know:

To install group benefits, a company needs at least one W-2 employee. Even if this employee doesn’t participate, owner/partners can gain insurance through his/her company.

Why offer insurance through your company?

  • It Saves You Money: Group rates are usually cheaper, even for the owners.
  • It’s a Tax Write-off. Unlike individual insurance, every dollar paid by the company toward an ERISA-qualified benefits plan is considered a normal business expense.
  • You’ll Attract and Retain Employees. Statistics show that employers who offer benefits are more likely to keep top talent longer when providing medical benefits.

Here’s what it involves:

  1. Submit a census listing employee names, their dates of birth and residential zip code(s)
  2. Choose the company’s financial contribution
      1. For Group insurance, it’s either:
        • A Fixed $ amount above $100/month per participant*
        • Or a Percentage % of the cost of the insurance
      2. For Everwell’s Zero-Contribution plan,
        • You can choose a Fixed $ contribution of any amount per month
        • b.  Or you can choose no $0 contribution, and simply allow employees access on a voluntary basis!

Then what happens?

  • We launch the Enrollment System or schedule Live-Enrollment at your worksite
  • We show you a Proposal
  • We agree the Rates look good enough for the employees that we expect to meet minimum participation (Note: We’ll need to get every eligible employee to respond, regardless of their intent to enroll or waive. A signature or e-signature is required.
  • Enrollment will be completed within an agreed-upon time frame
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